Know The Lingo; Foreclosure Glossary B-F

Know The LingoStudy up and learn the lingo from the following Glossary of Terms:

BENEFICIARY - The beneficiary in a foreclosure context is generally the mortgage lender. Frequently referred to as the "Benny".

CREDIT COUNSELING - Under the new bankruptcy law which took effect in October of 2005, those wishing to file bankruptcy must complete an approved credit counseling course within the six (6) months prior to filing.

DEED IN LIEU OF FORECLOSURE - The voluntary surrender of property by an owner/borrower to a lien holder that eliminates the need to continue foreclosure action by the lien holder. The lien holder can refuse to accept the Deed in Lieu and file a Notice of Non Acceptance with the County Recorder.

DISCOUNTED PAYOFF - The payoff of a mortgage loan where the lender accepts an amount less that the actual amount owed to payoff the loan.

EQUITY DEFICIENT- A property is Equity Deficient when, if sold, sales proceeds would not fully pay off existing mortgage debt.

FORBEARANCE AGREEMENT - An agreement between a mortgage holder and a borrower that lays out a specific loan payment plan and often puts a stop on the foreclosure action so long as the borrower meets the terms of the agreement. The payment plan includes provisions for repayment to the mortgage holder of all delinquent interest and fees and could include extending the life of the mortgage beyond the original terms. A Forbearance Agreement is a tool that allows the borrower to keep the property.

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