Know The Lingo; Judicial Foreclosure-Notice Of Trustee Sale

Know The Lingo, J-NJUDICIAL FORECLOSURE - A foreclosure action conducted through the courts instead of through a
foreclosure trustee. Judicial Foreclosures are very uncommon in California, particularly on residential
properties. Should a lender elect to pursue a deficiency judgment, it would be through a Judicial Foreclosure.

JUNIOR LIENS - A lien, usually a mortgage loan, that is subordinate to a Senior Lien, usually a first mortgage. Lien priority is generally established by recordation. NOTE: if you refinance a 1st mortgage on a property with a 2nd mortgage already in place the new 1st mortgage holder will require a subordination agreement from the Junior Lien holders to legally establish the new mortgage holder as 1st or Senior Lien holder.

LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) - The interest rate charged among banks for short-term Eurodollars loans - LIBOR is a very common index for adjustable rate mortgages (ARM).

LOAN MODIFICATION - An adjustment to the terms of a mortgage, usually to assist a homeowner who has gone delinquent on the mortgage, or one for whom mortgage difficulty appears unavoidable. Among the most common modifications are adjustment to payment terms, adjustment to the interest rate or shifting of delinquent amounts for repayment later in the loan term.

LOSS MITIGATION - Home mortgage lenders look to limit losses on delinquent mortgages by working out solutions with borrowers through their Loss Mitigation Department.

NOD - Short for Notice of Default

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE - An official notice that is posted, mailed, published/advertised and recorded by Trustee at the direction of lender indicating lender's intention to sell the property at public auction. The notice typically includes a specific date, time and location.


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