Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use HouseRebate?

We offer full service real estate services and pay cash back up to 1.0% of the purchase price. The only difference is that you drive by the homes by yourself prior to us setting the showing appointments to show you the interiors of the houses. There are no pushy agents. We only show you homes that you want to see. Our service is unparalleled in the industry - we hire well informed and technically savvy agents.

If I see a house that I like, why not call the listing agent and ask for a 1% rebate vs. using HouseRebate?

The listing broker works for the seller of the house, and is obligated to get them the best price. The listing broker can have a conflict of interest by representing the seller AND you (the buyer). We provide you with all the sale comparables to make the most intelligent offer. The listing broker is not likely to give you a rebate due to their overhead structure.

What if I found a house that I like by attending an open house?

No problem, just tell the listing agent you are represented by HouseRebate and we will write the offer for you.

I am a first time house buyer and don't know anything about the process of buying. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our sales associates are trained to take you through the process from start to finish and explain everything to you. We even have a buyer's checklist for you.

How does HouseRebate work?

Just as any real estate agent, by commission alone. We share our commissions with you. We rebate 1/3 of our commission up to 1% of the purchase price back to you. For example, on a $200,000 home, you get up to $2,000 back at closing. That comes back to you as a "Thank You" for doing business with us. We also hope that the experience was easier and more relaxed than you expected (or experienced in the past). Word of mouth is our best advertising.

How can you afford to rebate?

It's simple. Instead of paying for fancy, high-priced office space and spending big bucks to advertise, we use the efficiencies offered by the Internet. By taking advantage of our dynamic web page and the ease of shared information online, we are able to offer you the same product at a lower price.

Can I use the rebate money for the house closing?

Yes! You can use it for whatever your heart desires because it's your money, no strings attached subject to lender approval.

How do I sign up for this program?

You'll need to decide that HouseRebate will serve as your agent (buyer agent). Start by reviewing the terms of use and select HouseRebate as your agent.

Once you've logged on to our system, you should get pre-qualified for your loan. This way you will only be looking at homes in your price range.

Use our network to find homes you would like to view.

Our qualified real estate agents will show you the homes you wish to view.

When you've chosen the home you want, make an offer. Our agents will help you through the process. You will receive a check for up to 1.0% of the purchase price of the home at closing.