San Diego Home Values Hit Seven-year High

The median price for San Diego home sales and condominiums reached a near seven-year high in June, rising to $450,000, up 8 percent from June a year ago.

But the pace is slowing as the number of Sa

Avoiding Foreclosure: Your Options

As your debts loom and your monthly mortgage falls behind, you might think that foreclosure is

Short-Sales vs. Foreclosures

Some homeowners who are behind on their mortgage simply pack the

The Humorous Side of Buying A Foreclosure Property

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The Biggest Loser -- San Diego's Largest Foreclosure

The Vivienda Estate, built for over $11 Million dollars in 2006, was foreclosed upon. There were no bidders for the 17 bedroom, 9 bath, 16,330 square foot home at the $2.275 asking price. This home is currently the largest San Diego foreclosure. anticipates this home to be available for sale in the coming weeks.

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