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San Diego Real Estate Market Finding Balance

The San Diego housing market continues to come into balance, with price hikes that hit double digits a year ago leveling off this summer.

The median price of $445,000 for a home sold in San Diego C

Mortgage Serves as Inflation Hedge for San Diego Homeowners

San Diego homeowners often think of their mortgage as a monthly payment and little more.

But it has a hidden financial benefit if inflation, which has been dormant for many years, starts to awaken

San Diego Home Values Hit Seven-year High

The median price for San Diego home sales and condominiums reached a near seven-year high in June, rising to $450,000, up 8 percent from June a year ago.

But the pace is slowing as the number of Sa

Many San Diego home and condo owners face property tax hike

During the real estate slump that bottomed out about five years ago, homeowners experienced a depressing decline in the value of their home.

No Short-Sale Deficiencies for First-Trust Deeds in California


Have concerns about deficiency judgments when doing a short-sale in California?

Current Conforming Limits Extended to 9/30/11

On September 30th, President Obama signed a resolution that included

CALHFA Offers a NEW 30 Year FHA Mortgage Program Aimed at Low-to-Moderate Income First-Time Homebuyers & Veterans

The California Housing Finance Agency (CALHFA) and the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) are teaming up to offer home loans to low-

Home Buyer Tax Credit Deadline Extended to 9/30/10

The home buyer tax credit now has been extended with a closing deadline of September 30, 2010.